Cyborg 2087 (Remaster)

by LZE2087

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Original description;

The year is 2083. Scientific breakthroughs have begun to allow the human mind to directly connect to the widespread digital network, for all purposes, from entertainment to business to medical use. Normal means of transportation is becoming unnecessary to the immense population, leaving the roads near empty.

Over time the population becomes lost in the collective machine, as people have become happy with their new homes in a paradise like the Earth once was many years ago, as there is at this point no other hope for the well-being and happiness of the human race.

This album is not about the digital paradise, but rather what remains of the Earth.


released November 9, 2015

Music and artwork by Valyri Bosserman

"A tribute to Klaus Schulze's "Cyborg", 1973, made over the course of this most recent weekend."


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valyri Raleigh, North Carolina

hey, i'm valyri. this is my bandcamp, where i-


whoops uh. dont mind that, itll be fixed soon

thank you for being here with me still

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Track Name: Hallraumreaktor
Reverb hall reactor
Track Name: Evakuiertezukunftswelt
Evacuated world of the future
Track Name: Vollelektronischentwicklung
Fully electronic progression
Track Name: Ewigemissklingendedrohne
Eternally ill-sounding drone