waiting for disappointment

by valyri

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02/29/2016 04:00


| years previous spent involuntarily |

| compositional venting |

| not good with words so i just press keys and add reverb |

| i've gotten into mastering, all my stuff before this year wasn't really mastered at all |

| psychosomatic dysgnosia catalogued over three+ years |

| disomnolent |

| dates refer to individual samples' completion, a couple weren't mine hence the pre-2015 dates |

| valyri's most valyri release as of yet. everything here is very, very important to me |

| unnecessary explanation of the "meaning" that nobody asked for |

| currently on emotional hiatus, check back later |

| etherealism |

| the silhouettes of trees are more visible than the sky behind them |

| its not that high of an overlook but still chills run down my body and i start tearing up in public |

| i haven't been in an elevator for months but that disoriented feeling of dropping down remains |

| the first time i felt human since 2015 |

| stare to faraway current |

| i guess i'm just doing this whole thing over again. at least i'm consistent this time |

| stuck in a neverending cycle of getting upset at myself |

| i see something i want to be close to but the vehicle keeps moving |

| dehydration, and antacids for symptoms persisting longer than two weeks |

| surreality/saturnfall |

| not allowed to see a doctor to find out why my body hurts while my mind feels gone |

| everything on the menu is confusing but the waiters remembered me the next day, despite it being a full house |

| it's difficult for me to believe anyone doesn't find me repulsive |

| that last part is just repeating. it should have ended there, resolving the melody. why can't it just stay in one place |

| horizon's fade |

| i want to turn it off |

| i want it to turn off |

| i want to turn off |

| i want to go home so i can move out and never go home again |

| the pain is in ending it



released June 12, 2018

Music and artwork by Valyri Bosserman

contains excerpts of;

Goliath 1999(Neil Gaiman)
o 2010(dstnt)
A Lovely Way To Spend an Evening 1943(Mantovani)


all rights reserved



valyri Raleigh, North Carolina

hey, i'm valyri. this is my bandcamp, where i-


whoops uh. dont mind that, itll be fixed soon

thank you for being here with me still

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